Fall Class Update

The fall class schedule has been finalized - please note slight changes in time and a switch to W/F instead of M/W.  This is due to hall availability and I hope it doesn't cause too much inconvenience!

Summerland Fall Classes
September 14 – Oct 21
Wednesday/Friday @  6:15am  OR
Wednesday/Friday @  9:15am

$125 - 12 classes

Location:  Local parks, my  yard (depending on class size) and/or the IOOF Hall


August Class

It's coming up so fast - strange how summer slips by so quickly!  I am,  however, rested up and ready to roll again on August 8, at 6:15am.  The class will run M/W through the month down at Peach Orchard Beach, ending on the 31st.  The cost is $85 for the 8 classes.  We don't have a rain location for this month so we'll have to tough it out or move under the shelter if we need to.  I've had some requests for adding the Friday in for 3 workouts in the week.  Hopefully by the end of the workout on the 8th we'll have a better idea if there are enough interested women to run this option.

The next session after that begins on Sept. 12, and will run for 6 weeks.  The time, days, and location will stay the same and we'll see how long we can keep the outdoor workouts going before moving in.  I am also offering a 9am class but need a minimum of 6 participants.  The 9am class runs outside at my place.  Kids are always welcome!

Please let me know if you are planning to return for the August session or are new and want to try it out!

Thanks and enjoy the summer!


Last month before summer break!

I'm always slow at getting this up but I DO get around to it...

It's the last month of bootcamps before summer and here's how the schedule looks:

M/W/F @6:15am, May 30 - June 29


W/F @ 9am, June 1 - June 29

You can mix and match between the different times.  Any 2 classes a week for June is $85 (8 classes).  Three times a week is $125 (bonus 13th class on that one!).  There are no classes for either group on June 10, as I am away for training.

All classes are outdoors now, so dress for the weather!  We do have access to the IOOF Hall through the month though if it's truly miserable.  The 9am is on my yard and the 6:15am may move around a bit until we find the right spot, so email me if you're interested and I'll send you details.

You don't  need to have any experience or be in good shape to start - that's the point of the whole thing!  If you need more of a challenge I usually have enough variations to keep you sweating too.  You can see Amanda's blog about her first classes and Angella's post about starting the fat shredder if you want to hear about other local women who've experienced it!

Kids are always welcome to come along with you.  There's a lot of space to play in the yard and my 3 year old is generally a pretty good host.  If you're also looking at making some changes in the way you eat, info on the Fat Shredder program is available though the Tyson Method bootcamp4moms member site - check it out! My bio is up there too if you want to learn a bit  more about why I love teaching.

The 9am class is off to a bit of an odd start with  missing 2 Fridays.  The dates that leaves us with are June 1, 8, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, for a total of 7 classes.  If you want to add on an early morning on a Monday to make up for the lost Fridays, let me know.  Because of the lost days/late starts we'll do a straight up 7 classes for $70. 


Mother's Day

Yes, it's an annual post requirement, isn't it? Sadly, this one corresponds to the fresh-in-my-mind tax season. I don't freaking get paid for all the work I do. Just needed to get that off my chest. No mom (or dad) ever does. It's nice of Harper to give me $100/month but that hardly pays for my cigarettes, booze and popcorn. Oh wait, I don't smoke. I could take advantage of the public schools, yes, but I'd still have a 3 year old at home.

I really do feel privileged to be able to spend these years at home, don't get me wrong. It just feels odd that I could technically make more money slinging drinks than teaching my kids how to count money or cook healthy meals. Lucky to have the choice right now.

On Mother's Day I was treated to some sweet hand made cards that took them at least an hour to make apparently, and they were awesome. Jeremy presented me with my favourite consumable gift, wine, way higher rated than chocolate in my books. He had apparently also predicted with great accuracy what I would like best about each card and comment on.

We joined Jeremy's parents for a truly decadent picnic & ice cream in the afternoon. To polish off the day I snuck out to the pottery guild to throw for the first time in almost 6 weeks. It was deleriously fun and totally demoralizing, all at once. Too much time off but so good to be back. Which reminds me that I'm now the official "vice pres" of the guild. Eep.

Home Schoolish

Not much energy for my own blog but once again, it's coming up on reporting time and I've put a few tidbits up on the home learning site. Haven't caught up with photos yet...


Kite Runner

It's been a long week with my wee boy. I've been feeling like a failure of a parent who is raising a sociopath. No regard for the pain of others (mostly sisters) and kicking strangers at random in stores. He totally turns on the charm to a cheesy degree when he knows I'm angry.

Then today we had a date, a humble hour in town with just the two of us and no agenda. He requested a steamed milk and kite flying in the park. We had tried his kite in the yard in the morning and when the wind wasn't sufficient, I vaguely promised to try in the park with him "sometime". He didn't forget. The breeze in the park was stiff and I have never seen a little kite pop up like that and stay up. I had instructed Ezra to run away from the kite, against the wind to help get it into the air. Once it was up he couldn't stop grinning and running in wild circles with it. He was so genuinely relaxed and joyful that it gave me new hope and energy. He's a challenge yes, but he also shines brightly.

Part of me regrets not having a video of his unrestrained excitement but the other part treasures it for it's not having been captured. I hope I carry the precious image of his smile and crazy kite running with me for a long, long time.


Travel Status Updates that didn't get posted

So...I had a lot of time to think, sort of, while I crossed the country. If I had twitter and a willing accomplice, these are some of the updates you may have seen or might have been censored out:

- Bucking wind! Or there may have been an "f"...not good for mileage or relaxation.
- Melville SK. Huh, who knew? What's an extra 64km when all you have is time and a wiggy 3 year old?
- Prairies for 15 hours + PMS = bad
- You have to pee, NOW?!? Chaplain SK has the most misleading rest stop. Worse? Not the first time I've made that mistake there.
- windmills kick ass
- 8 dead deer at the side of the road in less than 2 hours.
- famous last words "this should be the last snow we see..."
- "well, Calgary is NOT boring" (based on the 10cm+ of snow we woke up to today)
- "Because mama needs to stop for a coffee". Often.


happy kids

Happy kids but guess who's missing her bed? We're also missing daddy-o a lot and are really looking forward to being reunited. He'll have to do some post-trip retraining of the discipline and routine variety. I mean with the kids, not his own.

triplog .001

...and possibly the only entry, you never know.  This is a brief account of what we've done since leaving home with unedited, uncool snapshots.  Not riveting reading but a record of our trip at least!

Day 1

Hammer down from home (6:42am) to Calgary.  We met Mark and Roel for ice cream but mostly I chased Ezra around a mall.  He did great in the car but once he was loose he was wild.  Then I fed him ice cream.  Back on the road, late dinner/night snack in Medicine Hat and a change into jammies.  Shut down for the night in Swift Current.  Slammed my finger in the car door on the way up to the room and bled all over the suitcases, scaring the tar out of the kids that were awake.  I kept my cool most of the day and didn't have to referee a single fight.  The kids travelled fantastically, I was proud.  The stretch between Calgary and Medicine Hat was stunning.  Shiny, icy white fields reflecting the setting sun.  It woke up my prairie spirit and I felt like a younger version of myself (until about 10pm, at which point I felt like a much older version of myself).

Day 2
We took FULL advantage of the "continental" breakfast the Best Western put on.  Waffles included.  Then we went for a swim and hot tub before packing up.  Rolled into Winnipeg at 9pm and stopped by my brother's place to get keys and say a quick hi to the family.  Mom & dad arrived from the Dominican Republic at 1am!

Day 3
We stuck close to home and enjoyed catching up with mom and dad, running basic errands and stocking the fridge.  The kids did not want to leave the house or yard, having had enough of that whole car thing.

                                          Spreading the snow so it melts faster!

                                          baking with grandma

Day 4
I roused the troops early to head out to the country to attend Lisa's bootcamp.  I loved being there and meeting some of the women I know from online.  They let me do a little belly dance warmup so we started with laughs! I even had the luxury of hanging out with that lovely lady and inspirational trainer for a while afterwards too.  Related:  my legs are sore. 

Another sunny afternoon spent on the yard, playing hard in the snow and mud.  Ivy got a "snow booter". The old geezers in the house (myself included) were mystified by the shorts/snow combo as well as the barefoot mud/ice appeal. Well, actually I get it but wasn't brave enough to do it anymore.

Then we were off to see Chad, Crystal & the girls.  They treated us to a huge taco salad feast, we watched Roel on a game show re-run (go Roel!), and factored in some wii dancing.  Ezra got some good quality guy time playing mariokart with Chad and getting chased around. 

     Chad had a really cool artifact to show us from one of his co-workers - a snake skin!


Day 5
We started the day slowly with coffee and lounging at home.  We puttered on over to the Forks for a full breakfast (bacon and eggs for $3.99 - they know how to party on the prairies), a bit of shopping and river watching.  The tourist info centre there is like a mini-museum and we wandered around there happily for a while too. 

       Dad was kind enough to give us a lift on his sweet ride, a replica of the first tractor he learned to drive!

There was some serious consternation about the Kids Museum being closed for reno's but luckily we knew that ahead of time.  In the afternoon mom & I headed over to the pottery shop and I ruminated about supplies and bought a few tools.  I'll be heading back there to pick up some clay.  Tonight we watched slides from when I was wee, the kids thought it was pretty cute.  It was crazy to recognize that my parents were younger in those photos than I am now.  These moments really are priceless.

If you've made it to the end of this post you'll see that the spacing is gibbled and will assume that I'm too exhausted to care enough to fix it. You are right. Have to stay awake to put the kids to bed!


Quiet Moment

Jeremy posted this photo of me this week and some sweet words. It sums up my week and the wonderful support I have, in all I do.



New bootcamp next week!

February 22 – March 18, 2011

Tues & Fri 6:30 am  or

Wed & Fri 9 am

Location:  IOOF Hall, Main St. Summerland
 Cost: $80




Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband and closest friend! He wears a lot of different hats...

In his happy place, mountain biking in the birches.


Another happy place, behind the camera (not usually this one though).  He had a fantastic year photographically, having his first and second shows. 


That second show at Red Rooster also included the debut of his "Summerland Suites" composition. I was so proud I teared up. I'm allowed.

You wouldn't know it to look at the above pictures, but most of his non-work time goes into being a dad and husband.  We are all very thankful for his energy, love and playful spirit!

It's not easy to find many pictures of Jeremy since he takes them all, but here is a shot of all 3 kids beside the rink he's put a lot of hours into.  Technically the rink is a pool in this shot but you get the idea - it's a labour of love to get it going again after every thaw cycle.


Here's to another fantastic year!

Tim numbers

I've been doing a bit of research for the nutrition component of the bootcamp website and got curious about the actual stats for take out.  Summerland doesn't have a whole lot of fast food options, which I guess is a good thing.  I tend to choose Tim Hortons when I do partake so I looked up some of the food ideas and thought I'd share (and scare).   The fat & sugar  in a lot of these is astounding.  They have a calculator on their site to see other foods.


Black coffee: -
Large with cream:  70 cal, 6g fat
Large with milk:   20 cal, 1g fat

Hot Chocolate Supreme (med):  330cal, 10g fat, 49g sugar
Hot Chocolate (med): 240 cal, 6 g fat, 38 g sugar

Iced Capp (med, cream): 360 cal, 15 g fat, 47 g sugar
Iced Capp (med, milk): 220 cal, 2 g fat, 46g sugar

The difference between a large original iced capp with chocolate milk and a small original iced capp with white milk is 160 calories!


Breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese on a biscuit: 430 cal, 24g fat
Same thing on an English muffin:                                        330 cal, 15g fat
Egg & cheese on English muffin:                                         280 cal, 11 g fat
Egg & cheese wrap:                                                           270 cal, 14g fat
( I like this one without the mayo, don't know what the stats are for that)

Low Fat Blueberry Muffin:  290 cal, 2.5 fat, 32g sugar
Wheat Carrot Muffin:  400 cal, 19 g fat,  26g sugar  yikes.

Oatmeal with mixed berries:                                           210 cal, 2.5 fat, 14g sugar
Low fat vanilla & berry yogurt:                                      160 cal, 1.5 fat, 25g sugar


BBQ  Chicken Wrap Snacker - 190 cal, 4.5 g fat
vs.          Turkey Bacon Club - 390 cal, 18g of fat

If you skip the sauce the BBQ would be even lower but they don't have stats for that.  A  sandwich bun alone is 200 calories!


Timbit, old fashioned glazed:  80 cal, 5g fat, 5 sugar
Chocolate dip donut:  260 cal, 10 fat, 20g sugar

That's a lot of junk in 2 bites!  I can't believe how often I've popped in that "little" snack without thinking.


New Territory

You know I'm a conservative eater, right?  Check out what the girls and I were up to this afternoon, it was quite something!  Pictures of the result to come....eventually.


Home Learning

It's been a quiet year in the home learning department. I kind of feel like we have this system figured out. There are always a few glitches but it's been a really relaxed year (so far). I love hanging out with my girls and not having to rush them off in the mornings. Ezra's been learning from them and is crazy about figuring out letters and numbers right now. I've sometimes wondered if he's getting ripped off because he doesn't get a lot of individual time but this seems to be working. The girls are old enough now that they're happy to stay home "alone" (Jeremy's home but working), while Ezra and I go on short outings together. 

It's a lot of togetherness and we have our days where we all think we're nuts, but for the most part, I just feel really lucky.  If and when the kids choose to go to school I think there will be advantages to that too, but I'm so thankful to have this extra time with them at home for as long as it lasts.

There are a few new posts on the reporting site (mostly for grandparents!).

Eating Journey

I'm part of a group of women over at The TysonMethod4Moms that has committed to eating as healthy as possible (and being accountable!) for at least 6 weeks. The goal is to change some habits to improve & maintain overall health. I am NOT in this to lose weight, in case anyone is concerned! Another priority is to figure out why we're eating when we're not hungry, and what our triggers are. I don't usually spend time reflecting on what/when I eat so it feels a bit obsessive at first, but it is helping me see patterns. I've been posting about it over on the members site but thought I'd re-post some of the ideas here (in reverse order of writing).

Grocery Aisle Confusion: Marketing 101
By Tannis
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I live in a small town with two grocery stores and one bulk food store. Specialty health food items aren't necessarily easy to come by or super affordable so I headed over to the nearest city to shop. It was a disaster. I didn't realize how much of the processed/junk food aisles I tune out altogether in my usual routine. In a new place I had to wander around and walk past all kinds of tempting items I hadn't remembered really seeing in ages! It turned out fine but took longer and I felt pretty frustrated by the time I made it out. On the plus side, they had a good variety of Clif bars, turkey bacon, and low-fat cheese. I stuck to the list!

Jan 15th
By Tannis
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Yes, I'm grumpy and would love to blame it on my diet. I must be low in fat and salt!! Quick, emergency chips! Yes, I'm probably PMS'ing but it happens every month for a few days. There are no chips in the house for a reason. I keep focussing on all the things I DIDN'T manage to do perfectly this week. I feel down on myself for willfully not cutting out all caffeine, it's my favourite crutch. I thought I was feeling buffer a few days ago and then I must have fallen off the wagon big time, because today feels puffy.

Then I looked back over my diet for the week and said "holy crap I mostly ate really well, what is wrong with me?"! If you have the same tendency to look at the exceptions, mentally compare your week to the week before you started. Is it looking pretty good now? Thought so!! We've all made changes, so bravo! Next week will look even better, we'll gain strength as it becomes habit.

Jan 13th
People Pleaser
By Tannis
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I'm a people pleaser. I want everyone to like me. I understand the limitations of this and have figured some things out but I'm just learning that this even applies to eating! If someone has me over for dinner or makes me cookies, I will gladly eat what they lovingly prepare. Often it's not something on my healthy list. Yes, I try to control portions and fill up on the veggies but sometimes I cringe when I realize how easily it could have been made over. Then I feel ungrateful and guilty. I do like my treats too though and that's generally how I look at it, then I feel thankful and am able to enjoy it. I eat well most of the time so that I can afford to have those nights out. Can anyone else relate?

Kind of along the same lines, I realize that I take on other people's issues about food. I am okay with passing on a dessert most of the time, but get upset when other people make a big deal of it, like I must have an eating disorder. I need to get over the over-sensitivity. Ideas on how to handle that gracefully without preaching a sermon?

Jan 13th
Up and Down
By Tannis
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Today was seriously up and down. My schedule didn't go as planned and the meals I had in my mind didn't materialize. It made me grumpy and I had an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon. On the other hand, I did still eat pretty well other than the bite of cookie I caught myself sampling.

By 6:30 I was winding down and getting into relax mode. I was justifying not working out b/c I had a lot of exercise yesterday. I kicked my own booty out of the chair and turned it on. I technically had the 20 minutes. It turned out to be my best workout in a long time. I did the fit test and measurements afterwards and felt fantastic. I had new music on my mp3 and went hard (sorry Tami, wasn't listening, just watching!), it's amazing what a difference that can make. I snacked on a few frozen blueberries (one of my strange go-to snacks), had a cup of tea and am looking forward to my sleep!

Jan 10th
Shredder - Day 1
By Tannis
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It's 9:30pm and I'm hungry. The growling belly type, not just bored. Grr. I don't think I need a bigger dinner, nor do I want to eat it later (usually around 6). Normally I'd try to have a small bowl of yogurt or something around 8:30 but I thought I'd attempt to go without snacking after supper. Advice or ideas?

I did a program similar to this in spring and lost about 11 lbs, most of it fat. I've done pretty well with sticking to some of the bigger changes but realized I've been letting the little nibbles creep back in. I'll be doing a slightly different variation of the diet as we eat primarily vegetarian and I have quite a number of strange food sensitivities. I'm recording it all though and it will get posted!

I'm both a "grazer" and a "liquid lover" and I thought I'd share a couple things that have helped keep me on track.

- distraction. I'm not so different from my 3 year old sometimes. If I walk into the kitchen looking for a snack and then see my note beside the fridge about grazing I first try a drink of water. Sometimes that's enough and I wander away. Staying out of the kitchen unless I really need something is a way better idea.

- substitutions. I seem to have constant cycles of cutting down/ramping back up on coffee. I love it, but thank goodness I love it black. I'm weaning off the caffeine part again. I also enjoy tea so I'm substituting that when I want a hot drink after noon. Right now I'm drinking hot water. Sounds lame but it works for me. I crave cheese but find that cottage cheese totally takes the edge off, phew.

- patience. when I'm tempted by a fancy dessert in front of me I just try to buy a few minutes of time before I grab one. If I excuse myself briefly and come back to see everyone else half way through it doesn't look as tasty anymore. I know I'll feel better if I don't and the temptation won't last long. Alternatively, if it's something I really love, I try to take a small sample and eat sloooooowly to really appreciate it.


Next Round

Here we go! Always late with the new years post. My big focus right now is getting the bootcamps running again. This morning was the first class of the new year and it felt great to be back. I'd missed the social time and supportive friends. For reference here's the info - next time I'll try to get it up before the classes start. I'd love to post photos of us working out but the class is a bit shy (so far). I have a feeling that might be about to change...hello Amanda and Angella!

Jan 11-Feb 18 (12 classes)
Tues & Fri, either 6:30-7:20am or 9-10am.
IOOF Hall on Main St. in Summerland

Tami at TheTysonMethod4Moms has put together some extensive nutrition info on her website. Some is for all members but there's also a really detailed section for those who sign up for the "Fat Shredder Challenge". I'm not attempting to lose weight but am doing this one along with them to reinforce the better eating habits I learned in spring. It's disturbing how some things have crept back in.

I've found out that I am a "grazer" and "liquid lover" when you look at emotional reasons for eating. I nibble at anything in front of me. I don't binge, but grab little bits all day. I caught myself 11 times in one day eating something I hadn't been planning to and didn't necessarily even want that badly. Anyone who's spent any amount of time with me will probably picture me with coffee, wine or tea in my hand. No surprise there but luckily my drinks of choice aren't too laden with fat/sugar or I'd be a very different shape. The underlying reasons we develop the habits that we do are fascinating to me and essential to understand if we want lasting change.