Beem beem!

Or "How to clip the nails of a 1-year-old". Plant him on your lap and sit in front of computer with his favorite video playing. It's the crazy frog thing so if you don't want it stuck in your head, don't follow the link.

(Credit to Jeremy for this idea)



I may be having a mid-life crisis. I just signed up for a pottery class. And I'm really looking forward to it. Basket weaving, anyone?

I'm trying to get into the habit of baking our own bread. Chris tipped us off to the recipes of Richard Bertinet and they are rocking my world. My fougasse(s?) weren't quite as lovely as Chris's but they tasted wonderful.

I had a fantastic day in Kelowna last week. We (the kids, Dianne & I) hit the Bohemian Bagel Cafe for second breakfast, then the downtown library and a brief browse at Opus. That place is heavenly. We had a leisurely afternoon (for me, that is) up at the house and then a Mennonite feast for supper. Yum.

Opus inspired me to take out The Chinese Brush Painting Bible from the library again. I also have a crochet book on Amigurumi out and an intense desire to FINALLY make something with my beloved silks. I will not have time for even a small portion of this.

Ella & I found a cute little fish tank at the thrift store. Although Ivy was happy with her sea monkeys she is exponentially more thrilled with little fishes. Six hours in and they're all still alive. Ivy's longed for a pet for years and her crusty parents won't do it. She noted that of all the pets in the world she wouldn't pick FISH, but if it was that or nothing she'd be very delighted to have them. Good answer.

I recently read the series of The Books of Ember. Book 1 - City of Ember, grabbed me, 2 got a bit more dense but I stuck with it. I doubt that I'll ever go back to book 3, but 4 was back to the style of the first. Still with me?

I think I sustained a whiplash injury at my last hockey practise. When I fell over.


the uncool eco tips

These are the uncool and semi-humiliating ways I battle to save the world from my doorstep.*

Wear semi-dirty clothes on a regular basis. This saves water and keeps nasty detergents out of the water system. It's a bonus that clothes last longer (even though they look bad).

Give up entirely on fashion. It's hard on the ego but easier in every other way. See above treatment of clothes.

Rarely "clean" floors, sinks etc. A quick swipe of a cloth to spot clean and maybe a bit of baking soda should do it. If in doubt, dump some vinegar down the drain for good luck. Keeps chemicals out of water system and my home. This may however explain the general lack of visitors here.

Convince the children that using my wasteful very hot and deep bathwater when I'm done is a treat, if I have to run a separate one for them it will be much cooler and certainly more shallow.

Let the grass grow wild. I've heard it eventually chokes out the weeds or something like that. I also happen to like the violets, buttercups, clover and possibly dandelions that appear.

*In case of confusion on the part of the reader, this is a separate issue from my laziness and general lack of interest in housekeeping, I swear.


holiday bonus

For the full Christmas rundown go here. I'm just adding few extra Christmas photos in their unedited glory.

Ezra apparently has an extra face in this one, he was very excited about his monsters (still is).

Ivy posing with "Pepperico" the dragon.

Waffles with strawberries on Boxing Day, courtesy of Grandma Hiebert.

Ella holding "Annie" the hobby horse. This is one of the few gifts I made this year. It was fun to do this one and I was more than happy with how it turned out.

the far flung Friesens, Canmore edition

Although I had a very relaxing Christmas, it was a bit odd. None of my family members got together this year. On one hand, it took off pressure of any kind for us to travel. On the other hand...it just felt kind of "off".

Here's the Christmas postcard we got from mom & dad, who are enjoying the amenities of the Dominican Republic.

Mark came up for a visit a few days before Christmas so I did get a bit of a family fix. We had a mellow time and enjoyed the snacks by the fire and a few rounds of dominoes. He built a really sweet lego tower. It is also apparently the only photo we took while he was here (sorry Mark).

Chad & Crystal and the beloved cousins spent their holidays in Winnipeg, with all of us having abandoned them. They don't seem to hold it against us.

I did mention back in October that I'd met my family in Canmore for Thanksgiving weekend and I'm thinking it might be time to post those pictures.

After years of half-promises, I finally took the girls to The Enchanted Forest. Oddly enough, it DID live up to expectations. Who would have thought that possible? I'd love to go back and try out the adventure park someday.

The pool & waterslide were big features of the trip. The jury is still out on who made the biggest splash - this is either dad or Chad since Mark is watching in the background.

Mark, looking smug about his table tennis skills while watching the match.

Crazy cousins. This is the best photo of the four of them.