the real seasons

The Okanagan First Peoples Sylix calendar of seasons. I love this one because it represents the local ecosystem. "Fall" can't possibly cover the range of experiences we have between September and November but I know the difference between the time of salmon spawning and the time of cold weather!

hmm, it's not displaying properly...will try to fix that at some point. Maybe. Click on the link to see the whole thing for now.

Syilx calendar with all seasons and indicators



I need a new coffee mug and can't seem to make one I like without giving it away or breaking it. My issues. I love this one made by Erika Lyn O'Rourke at Elm Studios just a little too much. I did some pottery glaze research yesterday and am so intimidated by how bloody much I have to learn and how many years I'm going to have to put in to be good. If all goes well though I'll have the required decades left in my life to get there...




This is the amazing painting Karen dropped off at our house - a complete surprise. What a beautiful gift, thank you!