the rule of 4's

I dreamed up a crackpot plan yesterday as I was finally getting some exercise. The rule of 4's. I am going to get 44 minutes of exercise, 4 times a week, for 4 weeks. Just for kicks. I'm not going to set criteria on what it is I need to do, all I know is that I have to sweat for it to count. I'm feeling unmotivated because my clothes fit but I feel weak and lame.

I threw in a few bonus 4 minute sessions today, why not? Rather than just dunking in the lake I swam around for a while before drying off. I'll try to keep that up and develop some good habits to replace my lazy ways.

Why 4's? I needed it to be simple and 3/3/33 seemed like too low of a goal and 5/5/55 too overwhelming. There you see some of my high end problem solving skills at work.