mmm, coffee

Here's something I really don't need but lust after anyway. Imagine an espresso con panna with a drizzle of caramel or fresh decaf americanos for the evenings - without leaving the house. Ivy thinks it would be the ultimate luxury to have steamed milk on demand. I might get tired of the barista lifestyle at home though. In any case, I might start doing some machine research and keep my eyes open for a used one some day. Or maybe I'll just keep walking to the coffee shop, it's good exercise.


wish list

Wish List

Just for interest's sake, since it's too late to be of any use to the people who actually do their shopping ahead of time, here are some items from my wish list. I started this post over two weeks ago but got mad because the pictures didn't go where I wanted them - they're still in the wrong spots but if I don't just get this up I'll have to change it into a what I got for Christmas list.

Partial donations, used, homemade and regifted items are welcome unless it's food...

- $$ towards a hockey camp I'd like to go to next August
- wines, cheeses and dark earthy breads
- hanging/wall mounted wine rack for up to 6 bottles (the wooden one is great, I threw the fancy one in for fun)
- stove top kettle with whistle so I don't forget it as often
- oxfam unwrapped presents

The Buy Nothing Christmas campaign makes me proud to be of Mennonite heritage but I fell short of the mark again this year. It's so hard to get off the gifting train when that seems like the way to show people you love them at this time of year. No matter how often we emphasize that it's not about the presents I feel like a schmuck not giving at least something to those I love, especially since they're all sending something my way. We're working on weaning ourselves off the cycle but for the time being I'm switching to largely home made or gently used items. Oh and yes, I'm not so enlightened that I don't like receiving stuff on occasion!