Today, for the first time in over 10 years, I let the devil in and had cable tv connected to my home. What finally cracked me was that the day after the olympics ended, we had our cbc feed axed by global (thanks global). A month and a half of fiddling with various atennas and getting no hockey, National, Rick Mercer or CBC Kids (yes, I missed that too) was enough to get me to shelve both the pride and ideals. I wasn't even sure I was Canadian anymore. After playoffs are over I guess we'll have to decide whether to keep it or just hang on to the tv for movies.

At first glance I'm thrilled by the non-fuzzy reception and all the choices but appalled at the garish commercials and American style pop-celebrity focus on so many shows as I flip past. I've been sheltered by low budget Canadian content for years and have been pompously proud of my pop culture ignorance. The interesting part of this will be to see how much more I watch...right now I'm averaging about an hour a week.