crazy potter

I signed up to teach a kids pottery class that happens next week. What was I thinking? I'm moderately prepared but have no idea what they're going to throw at me, hopefully not literally but it happens. The theme is "magical quest" and it could be a lot of fun...if presented properly and I'm prepared. We'll make wands, goblets and then wing it from there. Plates, candle holders, sculptures, amulets, or full suits of armour (kidding). The demand for this class was so high that they added another section and it's also full with a waiting list. Thank goodness someone else was willing to take on the teaching, I'm not up for committment level yet.

It's guaranteed to be an adventure -I guess that's why I'm doing it, I bet we'll have a blast playing with mud!

Did it!

Here's the scoop on the boot camp. It was over last week and I did before & after fit tests and measurements. I lost 5 1/2 inches and 11 lbs! Most of it came off the hips & thighs, and that is a good thing. I can see a lot more muscle than I used to. I'm back in what I consider my ideal weight range and feel fantastic. I can do 26 push-ups instead of 5. I've really improved my eating habits and although it's always easy to be critical, I'm really pleased about it in general. I've had so much fun and am so happy about how I feel that I'm going to stay on with Tami and learn to be a trainer! Good times...

This is evidence of how much I love Tami - I'm going to post the before/after photos. I tried to keep the same pose although I'd rather show off my "new" arms. The difference I feel in strength and confidence is a lot more dramatic than photos can show. It's not ALL about looks. Really.