Four out of 5 Hieberts dressed up for Halloween. The 5th member kindly took our photos, even though he wasn't really into the whole thing.

The grad dress, revamped into some sort of goth inspired ensemble. Although I'm delighted I can still wear it, it says something about my age that it's become a "dress-up" dress, not "dressy".

Both girls chose characters from favourite books
(Tonks from Harry Potter and Holly Short from Artemis Fowl)

The dreaded pirate underbite.

Nymphadora Tonks casting a mischievous looking spell...

Holly Short, first female officer of the L.E.P. Recon Unit. You'd have to read the book to understand but maybe it's enough to know that Ivy chose to dress as a character that's a laser-toting, groundbreaking, spunky feminist elf.