something you didn't do

Jeremy has occasionally posted wisdom from the Tragically Hip and it's echoing in my head as I prepare to make this entry. "Besides, no one is interested in something you didn't do" seems so true and yet all I can think of is all the personal interst things I've started that aren't getting done. The quick list includes about 4 books, one quilt, a bunch of clothes sewing projects, learning to bead and planning the wee garden for spring.

Non-cool things that seem to fill my time? Laundry, dishes, book-keeper stuff for the strata, clean up infinite scraps of crafts from the floor, trip on toys, dress/undress/redress kids in costumes multiple times a day, make snacks, make different snacks, wonder why nobody wants lunch...

Somewhere in between all of that I manage to spend a lot of good quality time with the kids and Jeremy but don't see or communicate with friends as often as I'd like. My parents just left after spending a week in our busy household. We had a wonderful time and Grandma Pearl proved once again to be the master of playtime. The weekend in the hotel hot tub was a serious highlight as well. And who would ever have thought that I'd get a chance to play hockey with my dad?! Love it.

Happy 60th mom! Hope you were queen for the day.

Dad and I setting up for an hour and a half long 3 on 3 scrimmage. I'm still tired.