Bike Camp

Fun. Tired. Busy riding, few photos.

Bridges, manuals, dirt jumps, rocks. Sore muscles.

Meet the instructors. Two hulas and a nun. Awesome.

Sunday morning muster, feeling a little tired but ready to roll.

This is what you wear for "bling" day at a bike camp. Apparently we wanted to be distinguished in some way from the guys on BMX's nailing the huge gap jumps beside us.

Bush Pilot Biking photos from last year if you want to see the style of trails we were riding.


The Tyson Method Challenge

Sometimes I talk tough about getting really fit. Right now, I'm actually doing it. My friend Tami and her husband Charles have developed The Tyson Method of fitness. She's been running her Bootcamp4Moms in LA for years and it has been a great success. I was fortunate to get in on her 6 week bootcamp challenge. I work out with her and a small group of women online, 3x/week. The workouts focus a lot on the core muscles and she keeps the cardio rocking. I was dripping sweat yesterday. Did you want to know that? After the first class I was sore for 4 days and quite happy about it. To switch things up Charles teaches some of the classes or portions of them. I've only done one with him and he also got me working hard but on different challenges - keeps it interesting! Have you ever done a spiderman pushup combined with yoga moves? Me neither.

The exercise is only part of the program though. I, for the first time in my life, am tracking my nutrition. Whatever I eat gets logged into a program online and it shows me not only calories but vitamins, minerals etc. I've always avoided counting calories like the plague, having seen so many people whose enjoyment of food seems to have been ruined by it. It has been an awakening to realize it can be used for good, as well as evil. I needed to know that I get almost no vitamin B12 in my diet and that I don't eat nearly as many carbs as I thought. My calcium and iron both tend to be low too.

I knew Tami was a great instructor 15 years ago already but she's built on that to become amazing! Her ability to connect with each person, her passion, intuition, feedback, knowledge and attention to detail (on form) are all remarkable. Thanks Tami! She's passed on some of her secrets and wisdom to Lisa, who is now teaching in Rosenort...I know that she'll be awesome too but I'll have to wait a while before getting to one of her classes.

I'll try to post updates occasionally. A head cold hit me hard today so I'm feeling blah, glad it was a recovery day. All I wanted to do was sit in bed, read, drink tea and eat a bag of s&v chips. I got a short nap and some tea so I think that went rather well.