gorduning goodnis

Ivy presented me with this stanley cup-like award two weeks ago when I finished planting a garden. I'm not sure if she was congratulating me on percieved gardening prowess or thinking "thank goodness it's finally in" but it was sweet.

Our very gracious friends are not using their well designed plot this year and were kind enough to let me have a crack at planting vegetables. Whether or not I can learn to eat them is not their problem. I was thrilled to get my hands dirty and had good help from Dianne and Ivy getting the weeds out and the beds prepped. The girls were delighted with the idea of gardening but the ice cream afterwards was more to their liking than the actual work.

At home in our small areas I've gone overboard with the plants, it's some kind of crazy green addiction I never anticipated. I started some flowers and herbs indoors a few weeks ahead of time and it was very rewarding to see them pop out of their little pots and grow like mad. Unfortunately they mostly seem to have grown very gangly wimpy stems and haven't transplanted well. Yes, I pinched them back when they had a few sets of leaves but it didn't help. Anyone know what else I might have botched?

Taking a break from the digging to appreciate the scenery.
Check out the beloved gardening hat, it's my inspiration.

Ivy learning the art and science of gardening from green- thumb grandma.

At latest check yesterday we had carrots, beans, sunflowers, potatoes and a hint of dill poking out of the ground. That leaves the other herbs, onions, beets and corn yet to come if all goes well. I got tired of waiting for the flower bed to start sprouting so I finally planted those seeds. I never said I was on top of things.

bragging rights

has earned bragging rights for years to come based on winning this award, but something (his talent perhaps? ) tells me this is only the beginning. I, being a barely passable stick-figure "artist", have been in awe of his obvious artistic capabilities for years. It's great to see him getting recognition for a project he has worked really hard for (just ask Mark if you don't believe me). It's also good for my ego to know that not just anyone can draw like that on a kids magnetic doodler. Congratulations to Joel on both the sweet award and on being done school - woo hoo!!