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the big day

I think I may be the last mom in the blogosphere to post about my Mother's Day. The highlight was the scheme of Jeremy and my parents to have my mom here for the big day. It's been fantastic to share the time with her and she's lightened my daily responsibilities considerably. She'll need a vacation to recover from this one - thanks mom for the love & support you give us every day (all day). Having mom here has made us miss my dad a lot, he's back in Manitoba seeding fields in the cold. I love you too dad and wish you were here, summer seems a long time to wait for a hug.

This is what the girls were up to first thing in the morning.

Yes, I'm a lucky mom. Later on in the morning Jeremy kept Ez at home so mom, the girls & I could take a leisurely trip to Penticton. We ended up doing a bit more shopping than I had hoped and I got a *bit* grouchy. Incidentally, every mom I talked to had a grouchy stretch at some point on Mother's Day. Odd. Anyhoo, I talked some sense into myself and found somewhere to stop for lunch. French fries, a deep fried veggie burger and a milkshake. The excessive calories did the trick.

We ended off the day in a most amusing and unexpected way. It was 10pm by the time the kids were all asleep (Ez for the second time). I wandered into the living room to say goodnight and somehow got caught up in Star Wars on tv. Jeremy reminded me that we hadn't cracked my Mother's Day wine yet so the three of us made a cheese & cracker tray, worked our way through the bottle and giggled at the movie. We finished up the night with a game of dominoes which I apparently won - Ez woke up again and they had to play out my tiles.

I got lots of love & well wishes and the celebrating goes on with mom here for another week!