Given the long gaps between posts, I feel like I should update some previous stuff. We had a very smooth and relatively uneventful move. The last few days before the move we decided to do some painting and thanks to Jer's very gracious aunt we not only got it done but had some fun doing it. We're loving it here and have been feeling "at home" from the day we moved in. It's quiet, roomy, and has an amazing view. It feels like quite a gift to be able to be here - and it's only winter! I can't imagine how it's going to feel once we can actually use the sunroom and the yard in the spring. Jer's been great with getting the girls outside for sliding and other snow play, that is also a luxury.


Thought I'd shock the world by actually posting something this year. I've been dreaming about a hot tub since some good friends got one (well, actually a lot longer than that), and I came across these. I love the idea of it being wood-heated and more along the lines of a Japanese soaking tub. It obviously wouldn't be as convenient or conducive to having guests, but it would be clean, quiet and only on when you need it. Has anyone actually seen one of these in action? Sorry about the ad picture, I'm too lazy to edit it out and most other images were of a different style.