Hey, look what I've diagnosed myself with. Oral Allergy Syndrome sounds completely made up but I have basically all of the symptoms. I stopped telling people long ago that I've been having bad reactions to fruit and possibly vegetables because it's not "natural". And I've never been good at eating fruits & veggies so it's not very convincing if I suddenly don't want to eat them. When I had an unpleasant reaction to organic cherries for the second time in a week I almost burst into tears and turned to the internet to see if I was in fact insane. I had finally ruled out the suspicion that I was reacting to pesticides because I knew the cherries weren't sprayed.

I found out that fruit and veggie allergies are directly correlated with tree pollen allergies which I've known I've had for years. My current related nastly list now includes apples, strawberries, cherries and possibly raw peas and carrots. I also have been identified as having strong ragweed allergies - those corrrespond to bad reactions to bananas and melons (this thankfully solves my banana mystery that's bothered me for 15 years). The good news is that I seem to have some company with these odd allergies and I'm not going crazy. Also I can apparently eat all these fruits in a cooked version (cobblers, canned, jams, etc.). The bad news is that nearly every site I've tracked down so far has the same prescription. Stop eating the foods or your reactions will quite possibly get worse and no, there is very little chance of the allergies going away. It seems that the only slim hope might be to get desensitized enough to the pollens through shots that the body doesn't get triggered by the foods anymore.

What on earth is going wrong when my body reacts badly to fruit and vegetables?!