real people

I've had the pleasure of running into a few people I really like in town this week that I know through blogging. Not that I'm much of a blogger but Angella and Amanda do it justice. They are all cool people and it's kind of sad that I have to "bump" into them, rather than actually planning to see them.

Other than realizing I'm lame for not making more of a social effort, I noticed that I'm the only one that dresses as if I was still online. The aforementioned ladies looked great and I was wearing a ratty old cap and gardening clothes. I'm cool with that most of the time but I'm thinking I should dress nice more than my current once a month.

Personal grooming is not a priority in the Hiebert household and it's painfully obvious. On that note, I feel brilliant for thinking of booking a hair appointment with my absolute favourite stylist of all time when I'm in Manitoba at the end of June. I have very happy memories of hanging around her salon when I was in/just out of high school. How cool is it to graduate and start your own business within a year or two? I may have hero worshipped her. I might still. I wonder how irritating it was for her in retrospect. It's going to be fun to get my hair styled, catch up on years of living and meet her kids. Too bad it's still a month away, it might almost be worth finding a new hat.

bowls, plates & mugs

Set of two mugs, sugar bowl, creamer and um...urn. Small cookie jar? Coffee beans? Tea bags?

Kid sized bowls

Appie plates with one larger serving plate.