Boot Camp

I think I'm finally organized...I'm ready to start running the Tyson Method BootCamp4Moms! After getting such great results I chose to take the training and am now excited to teach!

The clases are a fun way to get in shape, spend time with other women and let the kids play, all at the same time. It's often hard to cram fitness into the spaces of time before kids get up or other stolen moments during the day. I love this class because you bring them with you - no need for a babysitter or working out at awkward times. It sometimes takes the kids (and moms) a few sessions to get used to it but for the most part moms end up with a workout and the kids end up with friends. All women are welcome, just know that this is a child-friendly atmosphere! I'm hoping the Tuesday time slot means that moms & kids who are interested can take advantage of both the boot camp and Tumble Time just 2 blocks away.

Here are the details:

Days: Tuesday/Friday
Time: 9-10am
Location: IOOF Hall (Rebekah Lodge)
9536 Main Street, Summerland
Start date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Cost: $99/month

The cost for the first half month of September is $49, payment is on the first of the month after that. You don't need to decide more than one month at a time...however we do have an incentive to sign up for the 90 Day Challenge! By committing to 3 months you give yourself a good start on healthy, lasting, habits. You also get access to all e-bootcamps (live, skype style) and the library of class videos online. It's perfect for someone that wants an extra workout a week or can't always make that time slot. There is a promo on the nutrition program as well, I had great success with that and can highly recommend it from personal experience.

The classes incorporate a variety of disciplines which keeps your body guessing. This is more than just a straight up fitness class - we integrate personal training principles like spending time going over your needs & goals. I ask everybody to do a fit test, a "before" picture, and take their measuements at the beginning, it is so worth it. We are emotional creatures and on any given day, can feel like super heroes or lazy lumps. Those concrete numbers and pictures can really help us keep our perspective on how far we've come or let us know if something isn't working the way we'd hoped.

If you want to get a flavour of what classes are like and what women are saying about them, check out this video. We won't have this much gear and might not get outdoors much until spring but it's where we're headed! All you need to bring is a mat or towel for floor work and some days we'll use light weights (3-5lbs).

The Tyson Method blog has success stories posted as well as updates from other trainers and sessions that are running in Canada and LA.

I realize that a lot of moms work and this time slot isn't convenient for you - if there is enough interest I will look into running an earlier morning on the same days, probably 6:30-7:30. I'd need a minimum of 6 people so let me know if that's a better match for you.

Update: Marketing guru over here forgot to put in the part where I ask you to contact me if you're interested. So just in case you don't have this info...

Phone: 250.494.8929
Email: tanhiebert@gmail.com


more rash talk...

...because that's all that's going on for me these days really. Today I feel like I made some progress (in the right direction) and have some hope of re-joining the world in a normal way by Monday. I hope. This crazy skin thing has been so up and down though that I'm not counting on anything.

Through some fancy short cuts (ie showing up in his office and bursting into tears), I managed to get in to see a dermatologist on Friday. He confirmed that the poison ivy was spreading under my skin in some way, I didn't quite grasp the concept, I was so exhausted. That explains why all the psychotic washing of bedding, clothes and anything I touched wasn't helping. I reluctantly agreed to start taking oral steroids in order to keep my mind. I reacted really badly at first but seem to have it mostly sorted out now. I don't like being on them or dealing with the side effects but heck, I can sleep and wear clothes. Always a trade off. I'm going to keep looking into alternative options and know I'll be needing to build my body back up after all this. I so rarely need medication of any kind that I feel humbled.

I felt good enough today to do most of a tae bo workout and it was very pleasing to release so much frustration with punches and kicks.


atopic junk

It's been a long week here at the Hiebert ranch. I acquired some sort of "atopic dermatitis", which is fancy lingo for "itchy rash that morphed into hives and is driving me mental". According to two different doctors it's either definitely NOT poison ivy or certainly IS. Could be an allergic reaction to bug bites or something in the lake water (ie swimmers itch). Nobody has a clue and I've been miserable. The worst of it is slowly healing I think but new spots keep appearing. Ivy has a few patches now too and we hope it doesn't spread like mine. My family has been very tolerant, I hope to be less whiny again someday soon.

Despite feeling physically very low there were lots of good things about the week. We hosted an informal meteor viewing night on the lawn and had a great time. Good company and a clear, warm evening. The Perseids were kind and we saw more "shooting stars" than usual. I don't think the kids had had that experience before. Even Ezra stayed up until 11 snuggling on the futon-on-the-lawn and was delighted.

I had a few hours to myself late this afternoon while Jeremy took the kids to the beach. I relished the quiet time and puttered in the garden and cooked a mean pasta sauce (tomatoes, zucchini, basil and oregano all freshly picked). I followed it up with a glass of wine while I sat outside in the golden light and gazed out over the lake.

I've had to put exercise on hold most of the week and found it hard. Sometimes I'm happy for an excuse to take a day or two off but I sure don't feel that way now. I did a half workout today so that's progress. It's a bit limiting to have to find clothes that don't rub on the waistline and to do only exercises that don't require lying down, bending at the waist or impact of any kind. That kind of left me with mostly naked push-ups but the neighbours didn't call the cops so we're okay.

Big thank you's to Jeremy & the kids for extending me all kinds of grace this week, to my parents & siblings for checking in with me every few days and to Gerald & Dianne for the unexpected gifts and a visit to cheer me up!



Sorry folks, I'm turning on comment moderation, at least for a while. Tired of the foreign spam that keeps turning up.


general update

This is one of those blanket posts about nothing and everything. The kids pottery class did go well, about as expected. They were well behaved, creative and funny. And I was exhausted. Ten awesome kids with wonderful ideas is a lot for my brain. They are picking up their treasures this week and in between all the various firings I've slowly started working on my own things again. I am really enjoying getting back into that groove, I've missed pottery during the time I've focussed on the class. The irony is painful.

I finally got out on the bike trails again this weekend, thanks to Kim. I've been working out regularly, enjoying working on the Tyson Method certification for teaching the BootCamp4Moms but haven't been out riding nearly as much. The certification process is refreshing the theory I learned when I took my personal training course in the late 90's. It is a different way of looking at things though, it's a cross between personal training and teaching a group class. We encourage moms to bring their kids along, that is a unique challenge too! Based on the reports of women already teaching this, it takes the kids (and moms) a few times to get the hang of it and then they look forward to the playtime. I'm hoping to start a 6 week boot camp in fall so let me know if you're up for it! Still working on locations...I'd love to do outdoors as long as possible and then move in when we have to. Here's Tami talking about the method they've created, with glimpses of the classes and a few kind words from clients.

On other fronts, Ezra turned 3 last week! He's starting to get much more creative in his play, incorporating pretend stuff all over. We're loving his relative independence and the fact that he's so reliably potty trained. The hitting, yelling, and general belligerence we could do without. Can't have it all.

The kids have been doing a few summer camps in addition to the pottery class. Ella participated in a one week, full-day drama course and loved it.
This week she's busy at her half-day gymnastics camp and begging to stay the full day, her energy is astounding!

Ivy's been reluctant to commit to the full day scene, as she gets tired of so much action around her for that long. She is looking forward to taking the next level of the whittling class next week though. The girl loves her jack knife and makes some pretty cool stuff!

My family has committed to meeting in Canmore at Thanksgiving, a la 2008! It's a long ways off but fun to look forward to.