I've been inspired by the pottery decoration of Archie McCall over the past week. I couldn't find many examples of his work online but I did find a few video clips of him teaching a seminar. Pretty amazing to see his stuff in a book, read his bio and then see him in action online.

My time at the guild has been pretty meager since I've been working more but I do have some new pieces that I'm really happy with. The favorites are a set of mugs with matching creamer & sugar bowl in a brown/denim kind of glaze. Pictures might be added eventually. The guild was clearing out a few boxes of low-fire underglazes & glazes so I took home the ones that didn't have lead and were usable on food surfaces. I also have a line on some *free* low-fire clay so I think I know what direction I'm headed for a while. I like the price, we'll see how I like the process. When I get to it.


important notes on my life

- I am alive and well, just choosing to do other things than blog. I finally decided to make a post and lost the whole thing in the publishing stage. Bleh. Spare time is spent reading or at the guild for the most part.

- Gardening is ramping up. The willows are leafing out, the daffodils and violets are blooming and the forsythia is about to pop. This is the time of year when I wish I had been diligent about cleaning up the yard in fall.

- I blow up approximately 8 balloons over 780 times a day, I swear. Ezra gets rather angry when we tie the knot in it.

- My personal boot camp effort started last weekend. Four hockey games in four days. Probably not be much of an achievement if you're 17 and play 5 times a week. I'm not close on either of those counts. I haven't done well at keeping the intensity up on the workouts since then but at least I've gone for a few short runs. Time to haul out the shiny baby blue and suck wind all the way up Giant's Head.