Fall Habits

When I did the Challenge over summer I was really excited about the changes I made in my diet. I feel better when I eat well and got very quick results. Lately though I've been getting lazier and I feel it. I'm trying to figure out why, since it's obviously good for me! I've concluded that a fair bit of it has to do with the changing season for a few reasons.

- I'm drinking less water. When the weather cools down, I drink more coffee and less water. That's not a good combo for me and I'm more often tempted by sweet snacks when I'm sitting down with my coffee.

- I'm busier and eating LESS. That leaves me feeling hungry/thirsty pretty often when I'm on the run between kids classes (or my classes). I don't tend to reach for the best snacks under these circumstances. I'm not either spending the same amount of planning time on meals and it shows.

- When the weather cools down and it gets darker out I crave more carbs. They're still good quality food but my balance shifts away from fresh fruit and veggies and tips towards whole grain breads, rice & potatoes. I don't think that's a bad thing overall but something I need to be aware of throughout the day to keep things even. Once in a while I still go back to log a few days on Vitabot. It gives me a clear sense of where I've been missing nutrition and of course, I eat better on days I know I'm logging!

Now that I've spent the time thinking about it, it's much easier to go back and remember those fantasic habits I started months ago but have somehow let slide. I want to encourage everyone that feels like they're not "on" with their eating to let yesterday go and start fresh now!


September Madness

Between starting this blog and getting back to this blog, I haven't taken much time for this space.

We're sorting out our back-to-routine fall activities - Ella wants to take voice lessons and a gymnastics/hip hop combo class, Ivy is going to return to violin/Fiddlekidz and possibly take a dance class too.

On top of that I've started the boot camp. We're having fun and working HARD, I love seeing the effort everyone is willing to put into getting fit(ter)! The space has been great so far and the kids have been doing well with the format - phew. I love grabbing a coffee (black of course) and hitting the park with friends afterwards. We'll have to do something about healthier snacks though!

And hockey started last night. This is the least sore I've ever been after the first skate of the year and I attribute it to the boot camp plyometrics. Then again, tomorrow morning might feel different!