Last month before summer break!

I'm always slow at getting this up but I DO get around to it...

It's the last month of bootcamps before summer and here's how the schedule looks:

M/W/F @6:15am, May 30 - June 29


W/F @ 9am, June 1 - June 29

You can mix and match between the different times.  Any 2 classes a week for June is $85 (8 classes).  Three times a week is $125 (bonus 13th class on that one!).  There are no classes for either group on June 10, as I am away for training.

All classes are outdoors now, so dress for the weather!  We do have access to the IOOF Hall through the month though if it's truly miserable.  The 9am is on my yard and the 6:15am may move around a bit until we find the right spot, so email me if you're interested and I'll send you details.

You don't  need to have any experience or be in good shape to start - that's the point of the whole thing!  If you need more of a challenge I usually have enough variations to keep you sweating too.  You can see Amanda's blog about her first classes and Angella's post about starting the fat shredder if you want to hear about other local women who've experienced it!

Kids are always welcome to come along with you.  There's a lot of space to play in the yard and my 3 year old is generally a pretty good host.  If you're also looking at making some changes in the way you eat, info on the Fat Shredder program is available though the Tyson Method bootcamp4moms member site - check it out! My bio is up there too if you want to learn a bit  more about why I love teaching.

The 9am class is off to a bit of an odd start with  missing 2 Fridays.  The dates that leaves us with are June 1, 8, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, for a total of 7 classes.  If you want to add on an early morning on a Monday to make up for the lost Fridays, let me know.  Because of the lost days/late starts we'll do a straight up 7 classes for $70. 


Mother's Day

Yes, it's an annual post requirement, isn't it? Sadly, this one corresponds to the fresh-in-my-mind tax season. I don't freaking get paid for all the work I do. Just needed to get that off my chest. No mom (or dad) ever does. It's nice of Harper to give me $100/month but that hardly pays for my cigarettes, booze and popcorn. Oh wait, I don't smoke. I could take advantage of the public schools, yes, but I'd still have a 3 year old at home.

I really do feel privileged to be able to spend these years at home, don't get me wrong. It just feels odd that I could technically make more money slinging drinks than teaching my kids how to count money or cook healthy meals. Lucky to have the choice right now.

On Mother's Day I was treated to some sweet hand made cards that took them at least an hour to make apparently, and they were awesome. Jeremy presented me with my favourite consumable gift, wine, way higher rated than chocolate in my books. He had apparently also predicted with great accuracy what I would like best about each card and comment on.

We joined Jeremy's parents for a truly decadent picnic & ice cream in the afternoon. To polish off the day I snuck out to the pottery guild to throw for the first time in almost 6 weeks. It was deleriously fun and totally demoralizing, all at once. Too much time off but so good to be back. Which reminds me that I'm now the official "vice pres" of the guild. Eep.

Home Schoolish

Not much energy for my own blog but once again, it's coming up on reporting time and I've put a few tidbits up on the home learning site. Haven't caught up with photos yet...