koi quilt

It's been nearly two years since I made a quilt but I was inspired about a month ago. This little guy is a family friend that is really close to Ezra's age and I couldn't figure out what to get him for his birthday. Once I got into it, it took less than a week and I really enjoyed the process. Colours and patterns are so much easier than with pottery. I can try things out to see what works before I sew them together, unlike the glazing and kiln which seem like crapshoots and can't be undone.

kiln goodies

The guild has been very quiet over the summer, with only 3 of us coming in even occasionally to work. I've been really happy with a few of my most recent items and feel like the style I've been hoping to express is finding it's way out. Or in.

Once again, full disclaimers for the rank amateur photography - colours are not really what they appear on screen in some cases. Because I spend my time making the stuff, not editing or working on lighting.

Rice/dessert bowl

Small vase (8"?)

Experimental goblets

Small serving tray and 2 coordinating dessert size plates

My new favorite combo.

Chute Lake

While the Hildebrands were out, Nada proposed (and organized) a KVR bike ride from Chute Lake Resort down to Red Rooster Winery - 40kms but all downhill grade. Naomi came back from a decade-long bike hiatus and joined us while the guys did drop off/kid duty. Many thanks are in order for that! It was fantastic, I loved the experience and appreciated the good company.

Here are a few photos, generally in chronological order but in their unedited/unformatted glory. I only have so many hours in a day.