small houses

288 sq ft - Tiny House Company

Random small cute houses in the Martha's Vineyard area, from the Cadence 90 - Tiny House Hunter site.

Jer sent me a fun link today to Tumbleweed Houses, where the house plans range from 75 square feet up to a whopping 600 or so. What a great idea to imagine the absolute smallest space you could live in and work from there, rather than starting big and then seeing where you might be able to cut corners to afford it. Yes, I know that the gorgeous 288 sq. ft. home above would be nuts with a whole family (in this culture anyway - that's a whole other topic), but the proportions and style are right for me. Maybe two together with a sweet indoor/outdoor porch type area? Oh yeah, and then there is the part about the land to put it on. There's always a catch.