Wow, how do I do this again? I'm going to slowly see if I can get back into it, starting with a bit of an archive of creative things I've done over the last year. I often give them away and would love to have a record I can reference.

A white glossy mug with a band of "snowflake" crystal glaze.  Some pin holing on the snowflake glaze, glad I kept it to the outside.

I've made a lot of mugs that like this this year. It's a really dependable glaze and it's a shape I enjoy holding (although the top is distorted by the camera angle). This one happens to have a fresh americano ready to drink.

A pair of mugs glazed in purple haze and "key lime", an interesting experiment. I love the effect of the glazes flowing together, but unfortunately, the purple also ran off the bottom and I had to chip them off the shelf. The lime has crazed, you can see details in the second picture off to the right. I love the combo but it will need refining to be functional.