busy busy

I am so seldom really busy or have external demands on my time that I seem to have lost my ability to deal properly with it. As Jeremy posted, we have decided to sell our townhouse and move on. We have a great rental lined up for the winter at the very least but for now we're busy doing all the semi-repulsive and standard fix-ups for it to look nicer for potential buyers. We've had wonderful help from both sets of parents (thanks!!) and we're almost ready to leap - maybe this weekend? I've found it mentally taxing to undo most of the odd hippie adaptations I've made here, just to appeal to someone else. I agree that it's a good idea, but it's hard and feels less homey. It makes me want to pack my suitcase and run, now.

Lucky for me, Jeremy also posted here our reasons for wanting to sell. The short version is that the value has increased dramatically and we want to open up options for doing more creative things with our lives. The place is great, we've been really happy here and I have those nagging cautionary fears that go along with change but I caught myself thinking "do I want a townhouse or a life?". Not a fair question of course, and not necessarily mutually exclusive but what I meant was do I really want the security of owning a place long term over the possibility of doing some exciting things? So what if the market keeps going up if I get a chance to travel or start a business because of the change?

It's funny how Jeremy and I don't consider ourselves risk-takers at all but when something feels right to both of us it doesn't take long to get it done. When we bought this place we weren't even considering a move to this town. We had friends in Summerland and thought we'd look at this place on a whim since we were outgrowing our rental in Kelowna. We were in within 3 weeks and never had a single regret (that I can think of right now). Here's to hoping the next transition will be as successful.