mud madness

*With apologies going out to Mr. Baker for the desecration of the sun porch. It looks fine now and we've got the splash pan set up properly for next time.

One of the founding members of the guild needed a temporary home for her old school (but motorized) "Wrangler", as the wheel has been dubbed, and was kind enough to offer it to us. I spent the afternoon doing some wheel coaching with the family. The girls each got a bowl out of it and are looking forward to trimming them. It was fun to introduce them to my obsession but I'm secretly hoping nobody else loves it as much as I do, I'm selfish with my wheel time!





Thanks to Jeremy for taking the photos...none of him on the wheel but I'll get some one of these days.


I don't even know what to say to that

I took the kids to the big city today (that would be Kelowna to us country bumpkins) so I went a little crazy and wore my hair down, put on hoop earrings and a little bit of makeup. I got the stare down and 3rd degree from Ivy. Turns out that when I do things like that I look like I'm trying to be the same as all the other moms out there which is boring and conformist.


Princeton tournament

Here's the hockey team I play on, in all our post-tournament victory glory. I'm pretty sure we were laughing and not in severe pain, as some expressions may imply. One tournament left on Easter weekend before we retire the gear for the summer.