a sign

When I left the coffee shop this morning I turned to lock the door behind me. A sign that I'm spending too much time there? As much as the blog has languished, my paper journal is filling more rapidly than usual. I try to spare public readers my narcissistic rambling. Or I might post some soon, just for the thrill of making a post.


the season

I'm staying up late sewing Christmas gifts for the girls. Can't reveal them here (yet)since they can both read. They wanted to give each other something this year so we've been scheming and picking fabrics for various projects - nothing too ambitious.

I'm pleased to report that I have been fully enjoying the festive season without a shopping frenzy. I picked up the few gifts we had planned to buy and not much else. I fight the cultural mania every year, but it's the first time I feel like I'm succeeding at tuning it out. It's getting easier and I'm enjoying my time more.

We had our very first Hiebert jam session a week or two ago. Jeremy on violin, Ella on keyboard, Ivy singing, I played guitar and Ezra raised hell in his own way. I daresay we mostly sounded brutal but it was so pleasing to hang out together, making noise and laughing. I've had a complex about playing the guitar since I was a kid. I didn't (and still don't) really understand the flow of music. I can read notes but refuse to stray from them and actually try anything on my own. Something I'm working on. This is a fantastic winter pastime that I hope we repeat.

At random:
Some of my favorite seasonal treats: caramel popcorn, mandarin oranges and peppermint ice cream.