5 things

I've been tagged by Kaili to post 5 things you don't know about me. As a matter of principle I've never done one of these but I figured it was time to grow up and try it. I know quite a few people who know all of these things about me but hopefully it's new for at least someone.

1. I very strongly dislike being in high rise buildings. I like to pretend this isn't true and it doesn't stop me from staying in them but I'd really rather not. It messes up my equilibrium. Oddly I don't mind other heights. Summerland is pretty safe for this.

2. I used to be a fully qualified lifeguard but never had a job doing it.

3. I've worked in what feels like most major types of service jobs: The Body Shop, Starbucks, Costco, a restaurant, a gym, a chiropractor...did I miss any sectors (besides lifeguarding)? Hmm, a clothing store. Never done that one.

4. My bowling alias is "Gus".

5. One of the most gleeful moments of my life was scoring the winning goal in sudden death overtime of...a grade six floor hockey tournament.

I'm exhausted. I had this draft sitting here for well over a week and couldn't think of anything for ages. Maybe that's why I don't do these!


it's my obsession

My love affair (obsession) with coffee has reached new proportions. Through friends of ours who own a micro-roasting company, I have the opportunity to learn to roast! It was one of the three things on my "43 Things" list, which I've completely ignored since I created it a few years ago. If I learn this well it will be one of those win/win scenarios - I get to learn a new skill and they get a backup roaster in case something comes up. Like needing a vacation.

It's fun to learn without the pressure of it having to lead towards "a job" or paying through the nose to have it taught. Learning for the pure joy of it.



Less oxytocin, better delivery for mom and baby: study

Who is getting paid to study this? Of COURSE it's better.


It's hard to believe, but our crew made it out on a family vacation. Complete with Griswaldian moments. It was a fantastic one week Vancouver Island tour that we are going to document, at least in point form, on the Headspace J blog.

The highlight for me was seeing, feeling and smelling the open ocean. The real ocean as I have come to call it. In the dark early morning watching the full moon set, in the midday sunshine at Long Beach or the brilliant sunset - it was all good. It was therapeutic for the soul of this prairie girl. I don't know if the impact is related to the familiar open sky and horizon line or the novelty of it being so drastically different from the landlocked seas of crops I grew up with. I think most people leave that place feeling that way, it's hardwired into us.

Trips are so valuable for breaking me out of patterns of inertia, even if only for a little while. We were gone just long enough to start to get some perspective on what our daily life looks like and where we want to be heading. No earthshaking insights but it put a fresh spin on things. I am so hesitant to put out that much energy to do something with such a young baby. Oh yeah, and two other busy kids too. I'm so busy protecting what reserves I do have from day to day that I don't end up pushing myself at all. That was one of the main points of Jeremy taking leave but now after stepping out of that comfort zone I know I can do a lot more than I often think I can. The rewards can be huge when I do.

Nothing is going to change the fact that we have a little dude to care for that can't talk, use the toilet or sleep through the night. Although that is often tiring, it doesn't worry me because it lasts for a shorter window of time than we used to think. I still have two months of very flexible time left to learn something new, get into consistent exercising or ?? without having to think about childcare. I want to cobble together a few different ways of making income that don't involve having much of a boss and lie in an area of my interest (don't we all?). It's about taking a leap and not caring how much money it makes me.

We travelled with an astronomical number of bags and props, yet it was nothing compared to the chaos that greeted us in our home. Granted the house was a complete mess but I was disgusted by all the stuff we have. On vacation people have so much time for fun stuff because somebody else makes the meals and washes the dishes. Little or no laundry required. And, for me, there wasn't much management of stuff to do. When we moved on from one place we schlepped it all into the car again and were done. No decisions required. I know we can't afford to live like that, but surely we can cut down on stuff, be willing to eat more simply and have fewer clothes. Imagine the time we'd have to...garden for example.

The cute little guy is demanding that some of his simple yet urgent needs be met. That's a good cue to end this rambling post.