Not my strong point but it didn't stop me from enjoying a wonderfully staged show in Penticton this week. I went with a good friend and met a lot of other people I knew there...good times, small town.

Andrea Hill (below) was the mastermind behind it and the show was in her mother's honour. Knowing a bit of that back story made for some emotional moments, even without knowing the family personally. Andrea's sister Jana was also modelling and they were both fantastic. Yes, that's my head slightly below and left of the beach ball, just to prove I was there.

As I understand it, the clothes were largely provided by Vintage & Vogue on Main St. in Penticton. The retro vibe was refreshing, if that's not an oxymoron. To my untrained eye it was high style but not in an "I'm a cooler designer than you" kind of way.

This pseudo-film shot captures the mood of the show.

A few of Jeremy's Flickr friends were down in the paparazzi pit and that's where these great shots came from. Check out this set and another to see more clothes and how much fun the models were having. If there are more photos around I haven't seen them yet. I am amazed by all of these - I have trouble with any lighting less than perfectly diffused daylight, I have no idea how they do it. What's even worse is when I read the explanation of how they did it, I still don't get it.