eight months

...and they still let me drive! Jer got a kick out of the belly getting so close to the steering wheel, I just think it's normal. We took a bunch of other belly shots too while I can still stand. I can't see why I'd ever regret having too many although it does take some effort to set up and I'm more self-conscious than I'd like.

This is one from that set, taken almost a week ago when I was feeling carefree, glowing, spunky and gloriously pregnant. Today...still pregnant, not so much feeling like any of those other things. It was a long week with Jer being gone again and Ivy finishing up school and having her birthday party. I ran myself a little low on energy and then on Wednesday night or Thursday morning the baby changed position. With a vengeance. He shoved me right off my fantasy pregnancy pedestal straight into the throes of late third trimester. I guess I've had that coming for months and am thankful I got off so easy as long as I did. There's also a good chance it will get better again after a few days when my body gets used to the shift.

As far as I can tell the baby is now facing the back (his back to the front of my belly) and it's brutally uncomfortable for the moment. There's some sort of pinching action that occasionally prevents me from moving and has me audibly gasping. On the upside, I got a cute little baby hat crocheted between 3 and 4am and had some great middle of the night snacks, there are some benefits to the madness. I'll try to have a good book lined up for tonite in case I need it. I'd much rather sleep though, I've got my fingers (and legs) crossed.

All this uncomfortable body stuff has changed my thinking too. I eventually got used to the idea of a baby and have gone through all the motions of getting ready but I'm only starting to really believe it now. It's like I've suddenly gone from being the energetic supermom to feeling intensely introspective and stingy with how I use my allotment of energy. I know what's coming. At least I think I do. My body is now telling me to take it easy which I find really, really hard to listen to. Which explains why I went for a bike ride this morning. Of course it could be the the lack of sleep, rainy weather or hormones messing with me, in which case tomorrow I might be feeling downright perky again.

Update: I did have that great night of sleep and it worked it's magic. The sun is out and we've got good friends coming over from out of town. I'm a giant pregnant yo-yo but at least it's mostly good!


Nicole & Shane said...

Tannis I love how in tune with your body/pregnancy you are.

I remember thinking I was relatively so throughout, but now come to realize at the end of the 3rd trimetstre, my impatience to meet the baby took over where my due date left off.

Had I been more in tune of my impatience, I definitely know for next time, I would not have let my doc induce. Good for you for being "one" with yourself.

Tannis said...

Thanks Nicole - maybe wait and see what happens to my patience when I get close before you send over the kudos though. Ten days over and I'd be an absolute bear.

Teri said...

those two pics are great! i was thinking you didn't look *too* huge in the 1st one and then I scrolled down. You've definitely got a big preggo belly :) But it's so adorable and so are you! I can't wait to see you guys and hopefully the new little one! Oh, and I should have the smaller dipes by the time we're in K-town. Which also reminds me, I sent some baby stuff home with the inlaws. Give them a call if you're in Kelowna to pick it up or we can bring it when we see you in July/August.

And as for stripping, since I'm here and will probably slacl off for another week if I try and email. wash MANY times in super hot water. If you can turn up your hot water tank (ie, if you turn it up but remember to turn it down after ;) ), that helps too. You want it really hot. Play around with baking soda and vinegar. Depends on your water (hard, soft). You can also use tea tree oil in the rinse cycle to help. I always liked using that since it smells nicer than vinegar, but I usually use both.

Anonymous said...

Tan, you are looking great; very impressive baby carrier! Hang in there baby till the time is right. Sounds like the prep work is pretty much done, if the hat is ready. See you soon. Mom

Tannis said...

Teri - unless the stuff at your in-laws is something I'll want for the first weeks I can wait until you're out. If the sling is there though I could pick it up on Saturday I think (if yes, can you please email me their phone #?)

I've got the diapers "stripping" but unfortunately the hot temps seem to have dislodged some gunk from the washer or pipes so now they are even dirtier and I start over. Grrr.

Tannis said...

Mom - the prep work is indeed almost done and the birth kit should be ready by Saturday. Not that I expect to need it for weeks, I'm not in a rush yet. Now I can do more fun stuff that might get neglected later, like spend relaxed time with Jer & the girls.

Shawna said...

I regret not taking any belly shots.. I think we took one or two... anyway... have fun the next few weeks !!