another party

We were graciously invited to a Christmas party last weekend by hosts who barely knew us. I can't recall ever attending a party where ALL the people there were interesting. It's also a rare treat to find couples where you get along equally well with both partners. Within 5 minutes of arriving Jeremy and the host were deep into a lively conversation about the local official community plan.

There was a lot of talk about raising kids as that was the general demographic, but it was distinctly meaningful and interesting (to me anyway). Not "my little pookie can brush his own hair and stand on one leg at the same time", but more along the lines of "what's your take on the local school system - are you going to send your kids?". Lots of dialogue on discipline - frustrations and successes.

It was refreshing to meet a whole group of people that were simply themselves. The bullshit factor was zero. Maybe that has to do with being out of our 20's? On top of that the food was out of this world and we went home with extra goodies and party favours. We also went home with a sense of excitement for potential friendships and connections.

To the hosts - our sincerest thanks for taking the risk of inviting us!

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