Off we go!

photo credit to Jeremy

The first day of brick and mortar school warrants a post, right?  I've had a lot of days in the last half year where small things feel like great irritants, even though I know they aren't major.  Today was the opposite.  In theory we all should have been up to our armpits in stress with starting new schools after not attending at all for 4 years, but the kids had their games faces on and great attitudes, despite cases of the nerves and not knowing what to expect.  So proud of their attitudes.

Ivy went straight into middle school (I guess I'm older than I like to think).  Within seconds of arriving she was noticed, greeted and hugged by a friend and classmate from grade 1.  I got the thumbs up from a discreet distance and headed off to the elementary school to drop off Ella.  I hung out with her a bit while things were getting organized and was so thankful for every wave and smile she got from kids (and adults) she was acquainted with, it made all the difference.  I left her in great hands as she was going on a custom tour for new kids, the school did a great job of making her comfortable. 

Then after that dropping kids off for the first time thing there was the part about the courtesy car not starting and waiting for a tow truck, but I didn't get wound up like I would have expected on a day like this.  The experiences were so much better than what I was dreading that I was borderline euphoric.  There were only a few times I was close to tears, and they mostly involved feeling extremely thankful.  Everyone I met was encouraging and understanding and the kids reported the same.

I know it's a honeymoon phase and it won't be all roses, but we're off to a better start than I had imagined.  I'll take it.  We'll deal with the less awesome stuff when it comes up but not worry about it before it happens.

PS - Ezra only starts tomorrow, that might be a whole other scene!


Tannis said...

Ha, for the record at 9:40pm the wheels have come off the "first awesome day" schtick. Tears, depression about the next 7 years of drudgery, social hierarchies, the works. I think we'll have to go to bed earlier.

Angella said...

Exhaustion makes everything worse. :)

Glad they had a good day, and hope tomorrow's even better!

Amanda Brown said...

That sounds so promising and wonderful! Glad it was a good start for your girls (and for you!). :)

Jeremy said...

They were happy again today when they got home, so I'm curious to see how the story changes by bedtime tonight...