more change

This would seem like an odd photo choice unless you happened to know that little Hiebert #3 has been forming for over 3 months already and my belly used to be even flatter. That alone is amazing, now that I think of it. For prenancy geeks, the picture was taken at week 14 (end of January). More dramatic change on the way - the little one should be arriving late July/early August if all goes as expected.

I'm thrilled to be out of the first trimester which was pretty much as miserable as I remembered even though I had way less nausea than with the other two. I worked hard to be thankful for the small things. Now my energy is way back up and eating seems mostly normal. The belly is starting to peek out and for me this is when the fun starts. I'll keep you posted on progress occasionally. Maybe even more often than every two months, you never know.


Nicole & Shane said...

Hooray! Congrats you guys! We are so thrilled for you! Tan you look beautiful - if there's hope that my stomach can be as flat as yours is at 14 weeks - I'll die happy! So glad to hear all is going well with the pregnancy - can wait to hear more!

Teri said...

Congrats again! You look fabulous!

Tannis said...


Anonymous said...

Ya, I'm officially one of those pregnancy geeks. Please keep us informed. I love, love, love that little belly - I totally miss mine. It was a lot cuter than the aftermath!

Shawna said...


And I can NOT believe

1. you're having three kids!! WOW

2. It was almost 8 years ago I had a little earthling growing in my belly about that size.

dude. life is in MOTION... it ain't gonna stop.. holy.. was thinking.. I'm at the end of my first trimester of life.. so.. the 2nd is sailing.. the 3rd we pee a lot and walk real slow?

Tannis said...

hah ha! Shawna, I'm peeing a lot a walking slower already! If this is the second trimester of life, bring it on. Not so stoked about the third but we have time to think about that one.

I'm still not really beliveing we're having three kids myself. We don't even know if we can jam our family into a FAMILY SEDAN for crying out loud. The consequences of that not working are pretty dire (and almost inevitable but I'm not ready to say it).

You sure these are earthlings? It always feels more like an alien to me and then I'm shocked when a tiny breathing human makes its way out of my body. Mind blowing.

Jeremy said...

Shawna, as if it was eight years ago that you had earthling Ty growing in your belly...that blows my mind.

I like your trimesters-of-life analogy. Some interesting parallels there.

Ang said...

Oh wow. Tannis, you are a vision.

Tannis said...

Oh Ang, you are sweet. You know how a pregnant mind works and what it needs to hear.