This is a draft post I made a few weeks ago for the Tyson Method member site, but it never did get posted there.  For all of the lovely ladies I met there, this is the thank you you deserve.  A special shout out to all the trainers I've had the pleasure of getting to know - rock those Bruce Lee's! 
Change is often hard.  Everyone I’ve been in contact with on this site has felt that, and pushed themselves further than they thought they could.  It has motivated me to look closely at my life goals and dreams.  I still don’t know how they’re all going to fit into one lifetime!  Through this process, I’ve come to a tough decision to move on from the Tyson Method in order to free up more time and energy to pursue some of those ideas. 

I want to thank all of you for giving what you to do this amazing program.  I have been inspired, loved, encouraged and supported.  You are in fantastic hands with the unbelievably generous, energetic and fearless Tami, Charles, and the other amazing trainers you’ve come to know and love!

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